booleep is the creation of LA based artist and experimental animator, Nicole Palmquist. Canadian born, Palmquist studied Communication & Design with a focus on Illustration at the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto.

booleep, the character, is a simple looking fella that will make a connection with one look. Whether reacting to you or simply observing, booleep represents the generic and simplified expressions of human behaviour that we all understand. Abstracted anatomy is the make-up of the characters in the magical world of booleep. Tootheads fighting, eyeheads focusing in, holeheads that spill out... exploring this world will show how these charactersʼ physical features express our behavioral habits. "booleep", the sound, indicates the connection made. 

booleep’s iconic “eyehead” watches and studies the human condition. Using anatomy as a language to create new characters, the artist challenges us to examine how our opinions are formed, and what contributes to our making decisions; how the emotional influence of another affects us, as well as how the growing media machine that is becoming ever more intrusive in our daily lives changes the way we communicate.